Friday, November 12, 2010

“Japanese Flower Arrangement – Ikebana” Workshop

13 ladies from Dubai Airport Free Zone took Ikebana Workshop organized by Japan Center. Teacher Mrs. Fujiko is the high ranked Sogetsu Ikebana Teacher holding the courses in Dubai for more than 15 years. 13 ladies were previously given the paper to study basic Ikebana Theory, as it is a short intensive workshop. As soon as the class starts, teacher shows how to measure and cut the flower of appropriate length according to the vase. Then learn how to set the flowers in the base with appropriate angle from the surface of the table, how to arrange the color, how to fill the space in between and so on. Some of the ladies are already familiar with Japanese language and culture. So it went very smooth with complicated order of the flowers. Each took flowers back home to practice. It was a very enjoyable moment.

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