Sunday, December 12, 2010

Field Trip to “Juma Al Majid Center

15 Japanese ladies paid the visit to “Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage” in Dubai. With the support of Dubai Women’s Association, ladies took a bus to Juma Al Majid Center. All participants were impressed by library, its modern system to restore the books, his collection and how Mr. Juma has been contributing to UAE society. A secretary of the center has taken us to all the parts of the center, including the special room filled with leather-covered historical manuscripts. It was a very meaningful trip for Ladies to know about his contribution.

Arabic Reading and Writing Course

Arabic looks and sounds very difficult to learn. But some Japanese ladies are taking the Challenge to learn in the intensive course. This time, the course does not teach any grammar, but only how to read and write Arabic Alphabet. Teacher, Mrs. Aisha, put a lot of effort to prepare many papers, worksheet and photos that show different sign board in Dubai. Thanks to her effort as well as students’ serious attitude, at the end of the course, all of them can read the road signals, write their own name in Arabic Alphabet.

“Basic Islamic Course”

In October 2010, some Japanese ladies have taken Basic Islamic course. This is the special course done by Japanese Language in order for them to understand more about Islam. The topic talked in the course were about History of Islam, the Way Islam spread into the different parts of the world, 5 pillars and 6 believes, and so on. All the participants were very eager to know UAE’s national religion.