Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer Camp 2010 report & Photos

On June 17th, 19th and 20th 2010, UAE-Japan Cultural Center held the annual “Japanese Summer Camp” at American University of Sharjah
Many young people participated from all over the emirates as Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and even from Abu Dhabi!

Camp started with Greeting by the Director.

The lecture “About Japan” started at 10:00am.
This lecture consisted wide range of general information of Japan such as its Geography, History, People, Society, Government system, Imperatorial system, Education, Workforce, Average age of marriage and so on.
People asked many questions according to their interests.

At 11:00am, the participants were separated into two rooms. Most of the ladies go to “Kimono”, and others go to “Shodo – Japanese Calligraphy”.

“Kimono Lecture & Demonstration”
At first, the lecturer talked about general information of Kimono, its image, history, social habit, rules and regulation of how to wear, and so on. Then teacher demonstrated on Japanese model how to wear.
After that, each participant chose “Yukata- Japanese Summer Kimono” and practiced how to wear it on herself. It is not complicated to wear Yukata, but you must know the rules. Each participants took very nice photos by her own mobile, then took back home to show her family.

“Shodo – Japanese Calligraphy”
At first, the Shodo teacher introduced each tools that are used in Shodo.
Then she demonstrated how to write Japanese letters by brush. Some easy letters for starters, some more complicated letters for challengers.
Many participants were very committed and wanted to practice more, so that class has extended hours.
After the practice, each participant chose One Special Letter to write on frame. They wrote their masterpiece and brought back home.

The lecture “Famous Tourist Spots of Japan” started at 10:00am.
The lecturer talked about many famous visiting spots of Japan with its historical and geographic background. Not only historical places but the lecture also talked about newly made-up spots like Akihabara, Shibuya, Odaiba and so on.

At 11:00am, the participants chose one demonstration class from Sushi or Shogi –Japanese Chess”

Teachers briefly explained the history of Sushi, its healthiness and how it became a typical Japanese cuisine all over the world. Many ingredience that you can wrap inside the rice were introduced. Teacher also demonstrated how to make egg-roll in the class.
At first, participants learnt how to make Sushi-rice with vinegar. Then they learnt how to make Hosomaki (small size wrapping) and Futomaki (big size wrapping).
At last, teacher made competition of “Who made the most beautiful sushi rolls”

“Shogi- Japanese Chess”

Participant and his/her partner face to face, started learning how to play “Shogi”. It is like Chess, but it has its own rules. Each Shogi piece has Kanji written on it. These kanji shows names of work or characters like “King General”, “Dragon King”, “Cassia Horse” or “Foot Soldier”. Participants carefully learnt each movement and how to win. Some participants even beat the Japanese helpers in the first class!


“Language and Game” class started at 10:00am

Teacher introduced herself in Japanese. Then participants all learnt how to introduce him/herself for the first meeting. Then the teacher taught how to count 1 to 10 in Japanese.
After some lesson of language, teacher and assistant introduced the Bingo Game. Participants were separated into many groups with different colors, then each team competed to make one straight line on Bingo. Questions were not always asking about Japan. It sometimes asked to demonstrate “Chopstick picking game”, “Badminton-style Japanese tennis”, and so on. It was a challenging and really fun game.
Finally Blue Team won and got gifts!

“Grand Lecture” by Panasonic
Lecture was done by Mr. Kato, the General Manager of Corporate Planning Department.
Its theme was “Panasonic’s Corporal Ethics and its Contribution in Middle East”. Panasonic will be celebrating its 100th anniversary after a few years. Since its establishment in 1917, Panasonic has been always reflecting people’s need and demand for home appliance. Its attitude never changed since its founder Kounosuke Matsushita started from the tiny factory.
After the lecture, participants tried on the brand-new 3D eyeglass and watched new TV before it goes to market. Other products were also presented and introduced in the Camp. All of the participants enjoyed seeing its new products before they go to market.

At 12:30pm, Camp finished with Closing Ceremony, and certificates were presented by the director.

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