Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring 2010 – Social day - 日本UAE文化センター 2010年春の活動 (ソシアルディ)

The UAE – Japan Cultural Centre celebrated the “Hanami” (Cherry blossom) day on April 10 at the Sharjah Boys Scout Camp.

As April is the traditional blossom season in Japan, we wanted everyone to feel the blossom season in the UAE as well. It was an excellent occasion that showcased the beautiful culture of Japan and also gave a chance to share it among our Emirati guests. The hall was filled with lovely spring decoration, and guests were served sweet blossom (sakura-mochi), blossom tea (sakura-cha) and some light food.

The first item on the agenda was the closing ceremony of the Japanese language class. This time five students received their certificates. This was followed by the main event; a recital of the Japanese harp (koto). The soul stirring performance which included the famous Cherry Blossom tunes was thoroughly enjoyed by both the Japanese and the Emirati guests. Their enjoyment was added by the two lovely little girls in their Yukata (summer kimono) who accompanied the harp with their singing.

The concert was followed by a photo session. as they cheered on “Kawaii – it’s lovely!” The Emirati women truly enjoyed the special cake that was brought in from Japan, and they were all eager to know the recipe. Meanwhile, the Emirati men had a first time experience of the “Sakuracha – blossom tea” experience. All the guests had a wonderful culinary experience of the traditional Japanese delicacies.

Asako Koike


日本UAE文化センター 2010年春の活動 (ソシアルディ)








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